Apartment BuildingTo buy or rent real estate? That is the question and for many in today's depressed real estate market - the question is not an easy one. If any of us had a crystal ball back in 2007 we would have also had a sign in our front yard to make sure that we sold our properties at the top of the market, paid our capital gains so that we had cash ready to short the stock market in the Summer of 2008. But that type of talk is like saying you'd go to Vegas to bet on who will win the World Series if only you had a time machine.

In the real world we have to make the decision to buy or rent based on many factors. Here are the arguments on both sides:

Big HomeWhy To Rent Real Estate?

McMansionWhy To Buy Real Estate?

Top producing real estate agents like Chris Cortazzo in Malibu and Jade Mills in Beverly Hills, California both think now is the time to buy but there are also alarmists who for the past few years have been right to warn about buying real estate. Only you can decide what is right for you and your current situation as there are strong reasons why you could decided to either buy or rent.